A cutting-edge robotic design challenge where teams craft two bots to compete in knockout matches. Tasked with pick-and-place operations and block collection, competitors engineer robots to maneuver through zones, showcasing their innovation and strategic prowess. Join us for an electrifying display of robotics mastery in this ultimate showdown of engineering excellence.

UI Design Challenge

Dive into creativity with our Figma Design Challenge! Unleash your design prowess by tackling real-world prompts using Figma, a collaborative design tool. Showcase your UI/UX skills, innovation, and attention to detail in this thrilling competition where digital aesthetics meet problem-solving excellence.

Knowledge Nexus

Elevate ideas and intellect in our Paper Presentation Competition! Unleash your research prowess, articulate compelling findings, and captivate the audience with your innovative insights. Join this intellectual arena to showcase your academic excellence and contribute to the discourse of knowledge


Embark on a voyage of digital ingenuity with our Computer-Aided Modeling Challenge! Employ cutting-edge CAD tools to sculpt intricate designs and solutions. Demonstrate your modeling finesse in a dynamic arena, competing for excellence through precision and innovative design.

Code crafter

Embark on an exhilarating coding journey at Code Crafter: Software Hackathon! Unleash your creative genius, collaborate with fellow code enthusiasts, and craft innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Dive into a dynamic atmosphere of problem-solving, where lines of code become strokes of digital art.


Join our Hackathon Competition and transform real-time challenges into innovative solutions! Dive into a coding frenzy, collaborate with peers, and build prototypes that address pressing issues. Showcase your creativity and problemsolving prowess in this dynamic event of rapid prototyping and ingenuity.

Robo Race

Rev up your engines and join the Robo Race! Engineer a swift, agile robot capable of conquering challenging tracks with precision and speed. Test your creation’s mettle against competitors in this highoctane event, where innovation and velocity collide for an adrenaline-fueled competition.

Line Follower

Experience the thrill of precision and programming prowess in our Line Follower event! Build a robot that navigates a winding path, using sensors and clever algorithms. Compete for speed and accuracy, showcasing your STEM skills and innovative solutions in this exciting robotics challenge.

Idea pitching

Join us for the Idea Pitching Event, where student entrepreneurs address pressing community issues. Whether in idea, prototype, or MVP stage, we welcome innovations in agriculture, health, education, environment, and other sectors. Network with industry experts, gain feedback, and compete for mentorship and funding.

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